DFF in the press

[DFF provides] what can be difficult for a film-loving feminist to find – an arena where feminist perspective and analysis can exist alongside simple entertainment.

— Jaclyn Tersigni, Globe & Mail

Feb. 3, 2017

Huffington Post

"Until Hollywood follows suit, one thing remains certain. The ladies of DFF will be vigilant. They will be outspoken. And they will be drunk."

Dec. 21, 2016

Now Magazine

"The level of inebriation may vary, but the insight is always pointed."

October 27, 2015

National Post

“sort of like Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with tampons instead of toast”

April 17, 2015

Broken Pencil

“the exact opposite of what is expected in the traditional theatregoing experience”

February 4, 2016

Toronto Star

“DFF is encouraging heart-on-your-newsfeed declarations of friendship”

April 17, 2015


“I felt a lot of solidarity, especially because these bad-ass feminists had a lot of the same feels as I did”