One of the happiest, safest… funniest spaces I've ever experienced.

— Audience Member

About DFF

At Drunk Feminist Films, we would rather laugh than cry our way through Hollywood representations of gender, race, sexuality, class and other aspects of identity. DFF produces lighthearted events and media that use shouty, snarky & fun-fuelled feminist commentary to tease apart the tropes of mainstream movies. Drinking not required. DFF punches up, not down. In other words, we aim jokes at the oppressor and the system (and sometimes the fashion), not those experiencing oppression.

Like many of the most storied moments in feminist history, it all started with the canonical film Twilight. DFF co-founder Gillian Goerz wrote a feminist shout-along game to go with the movie, and invited a group of friends new and old (co-founders Amy Wood, Steph Guthrie and Shaunna Bruton) to play it with her. The resulting experience was so much fun they couldn’t keep it to themselves, so they decided to do it again and set up a camera. And lo, DFF was born.

Today a rotating cast of Drunk Feminists host regularly sold-out events in Toronto at the Royal Cinema, as well as webisodes and other online content with outlets including CBC and VICE.

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